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FTC Team Updates

Urgent / Upcoming (as of 01/18)

Important Dates

  • Jan 18-24 - All State League Remote Meet 3
  • Jan 30 - Announce league and league tournament assignments
  • Jan 30 - Announce decision regarding State Championship
  • Feb 08-14 - All State League Remote Meet 4
  • Feb 20 - Dean's List Interview Day
  • Feb 21-Feb 27 League Tournaments Remote Events group 1 
  • Feb 28-Mar 06 League Tournaments Remote Events group 2
  • March/April TBD - State Championship (TBD on 1/30/21)
    • Tentative remote dates - 3/21 - 3/27
    • Tentative live date - 4/9 - 4/10

Leagues/Competitions for 2020-2021

  • Meets
    • All Illinois teams will be placed in the same "All State League"
    • All meets will be remote events and self-scored
  • League Tournaments (aka League Championships, League Qualifiers)
    • All participating teams will be divided geographically into sub-leagues of 20-28 teams each.
    • Each sub-league will have its own League Tournament
    • Approximately 25% of the teams will advance to the State Championship
    • All Illinois League Tournaments will be Remote Events.
      • Tournaments will occur during one of two windows: 2/21-27, or 2/28-3/6.  Teams will be assigned on 1/30/21 to one of the slots based on geography
      • Rules for the Tournaments are established in Game Manual 1 Remote Events, and Game Manual 2 Remote Events.
      • Timing of the events will be as follows:
        • The event windows run Sunday – Saturday
        • There will be videos to watch at the beginning of the week. This will include a driver meeting and opening ceremony. Teams will be told what to expect and how to proceed.
        • Teams will upload their Engineering Portfolio to the Remote Event Hub by Tuesday PM.
        • Teams will enter the tournament ranked according to their 10 best results from the 4 league meets.
        • Teams will submit 6 additional robot scores during the week via FTC-Scoring to determine the final ranking.
        • Teams may be asked to submit their Engineering Notebook to the Remote Event Hub.
        • Each team will be scheduled in two remote judging sessions on the second Saturday (timing TBD).
        • On the final day, there will be a live closing ceremony to announce the winners of both the robot performance and the judged awards.
      • Teams will be added to the new FIRST Remote Event Hub. The Remote Event Hub manages the submission of documents, coordination of remote judging interviews, and ceremonies. 
  • Dean’s List Submissions
  • Season pins
    • Each team may order 1 pin for each team member and each coach/mentor.  Ultimate Goal Season Game Pins Order Form
    • Requests will be cross-checked with your Illinois Consent Form #'s.
      • Consent forms must be submitted electronically
      • Pins will be mailed by February.
  • State Championship
    • In January, we will determine if the State Championship will be in-person or remote
    • All Judging is likely to be conducted remotely
    • See tentative dates under "Important Dates"
  • List of Illinois teams

Remote Event Information

All teams will self-score on a half field as defined in the Remote event game manuals. For more information, see:

Recorded Content 


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