2023 Midwest Regional Load-In


Details for 2024 Midwest Regional Load-In will be posted in early-March 2024.


Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm or Thursday from 7:45 AM - Only 5 members allowed from each team

Please remember when bringing items, everything MUST go down the elevator except for items that are smaller than 24”x24”x24” and carried by an adult. 

To load-in, please bring your vehicle to North Congress Parkway on the north side of Credit Union 1 Arena. The load-in zone is indicated on the map below. Please line up along Congress Parkway, spilling over to Racine Avenue if Congress Parkway is full. Once you’re close to the garage on the east side of the Arena, you can check-in with a volunteer and start to unload your vehicle. After unloading, please proceed to Lot 11 to park your vehicle or to drop off your trailer.

Please note the sidewalk and ramp to the garage door is steep and uneven. Please ensure your team members do not attempt to roll carts and robots at an angle down the length of the sidewalk BY THEMSELVES. 

Please wait in line until you reach the garage door. You can send a team member to the garage door to check-in with a volunteer and be placed in line. Once it is your turn, and your vehicle has reached the garage door then you can begin unloading. This way we can keep the sidewalks clear and everyone can unload efficiently.