Spring before Season: Challenge theme released

May: FIRST LEGO League Explore national registration opens (rolling registration though mid-spring)

May: FIRST Illinois Robotics registration opens (rolling registration though mid-spring)

August: Global Challenge Release

Late July/Early August: Materials begin shipping for registered teams

Mid-Spring*: FIRST LEGO League Explore national registration closes

Mid-SpringFIRST Illinois Robotics registration closes

*National registration may close earlier depending on Explore material availability


Season Specifics

Teams may start their FIRST LEGO League Explore season at any point during the official season, running August through April/May.

Each team receives Engineering Notebooks (for students) and a Team Meeting Guide (for the coodinator). Use of the Team Meeting Guide is optional but can provide structure for meetings.

Teams meet as often as needed. The majority of non-school based teams meet 6-12 times, for 1-2 hrs each meeting. 

It's recommended that teams target and build their season around Festivals offered in their area. If there are no local Festival in their area, teams often create and run their own Festival open to other local teams. Alternately, teams can share what they have learned with family, friends, their school or their community.