In FIRST LEGO League Challenge, teams learn both through what we do (the Robot Game and the Innovation Project) and how we do it (the FIRST Core Values).  Each Fall, teams around the world as presented with the Challenge. The Challenge is based on a set of real-world problems facing scientists, engineers, and communities today.  It has two parts:  the Robot Game and the Innovation Project.

Robot Game:  Teams design, build, program and test using an autonomous robot kit with LEGO Spike Prime technology (other LEGO platforms are allowed).  The robot must perform a series of tasks or missions to score points in 2.5 minute matches on a themed LEGO model playing field. 

Innovation Project:  Teams explore a real world problem that today's scientists and engineers are trying to solve, develop an innovative solution to that problem (either by creating something that doesn't exist or building upon something that does), and share their findings with others.  

Core Values:  Throughout their work on the Robot Game and the Innovation Project, teams are guided by the Core Values to build teamwork skills and make this a great experience for everyone involved.

For roughly 12 fast-paced weeks, teams work as a group to overcome obstacles and meet challenges.  They learn from and interact with their peers as well as adult coaches and mentors.  Teams work to find creative solutions to the problems presented to them in the Challenge.  They then compete in a qualifying tournament where they celebrate their accomplishments with other teams, family and friends.


Here is the location of FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams in Illinois.