Workshops, Summer Camps, and Scrimmages

There are several events that happen throughout the season designed to help teams and coaches find success and maximize the fun of FLL.  The following list of Workshops, Summer Camps, and Scrimmages are all optional activities for teams to consider.


A scrimmage is like a mini-tournament that provides team with valuable experience in head-to-head competition with other teams, without the pressure of an actual tournament.  Most scrimmages are hosted by an FLL team which wants to provide an opportunity for other teams to get together and share ideas, and a chance to practice their FLL skills.  These events are typically held in September - November leading up to the official FLL competitions in November and December.

Royal Tech is organizing a scrimmage on Sunday November 11, 2018 in Naperville from 9 am - 2 pm: See flyer for details

iRobotics co-sponsored by Ctrl-Z is organizing a scrimmage on Sunday November 11, 2018 in Champaign from 12-4pm.  See flyer for details.

FRC Team 111 Wildstang is hosting a scrimmage on Saturday November 17, 2018 in Prospect Heights from 8 am - 12:30 pm.  See flyer for details.  


Workshops can be from a few hours to a full day of concentrated training and the sharing of ideas between coaches and teams.  These are often hosted by FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) teams as part of their outreach activities.


Programming Mindstorms with Matt Birkel

There will be a LEGO MINDSTORMS PROGRAMMING BASICS WEBINAR to help teams get started with programming their robots! The class will be hosted by Matt Birkel, who participated in FLL in 2005-2007, during which he had the opportunity to compete in the Open European Championships and win the Programming Award.

This introductory class is targeted for people who are completely new to programming LEGO robots, but it is also helpful for veteran teams who are interested in learning more about using basic sensors.  The only pre-requirements are that you have the EV3 Programming Software [1] installed on your computer, and that you have a basic robot with two drive wheels to use for the in-class lab exercises.  The class is targeted towards both coaches and students.

 There will be three sessions:




Please use this form [2] to sign up. Once you have been assigned to a session, Matt will send you more information, including a link to the webinar. If you are unable to attend, you can still benefit from Matt’s expertise by viewing his online video tutorials [3], [4].

Links list:





If you have any additional questions, please send them to Matt at

Summer Camps:

Typically, summer camps provide two or more days of training for students in all aspects of the FIRST LEGO League program including robot building, programming and strategy.  They often will also provide help with FLL project concepts, research and idea sharing methods.  Like workshops most Summer Camps are put on by FRC teams.


Champaign Illinois: July 2-6 and July 9-13 

FRC team 4096, Ctrl-Z  - Central Illinois Regional Chairman's award winner, is holding two 1 week camps for incoming 3rd-5th graders July 2-6 and July 9-13 in Champaign.  For more information, see the SYRA website


Bellevlle & O'Fallon Illinois : July 9-13 & July 30-August 3

Robo Raiders, a local FTC high school robotics team, is hosting two FLL summer camps in Southern Illinois for students in 4th - 9th  grades. 

Students will spend a week learning how to work together, think like STEM professionals, and program basic FLL robots to complete missions on a modified HydroDynamics field.  These camps are intended to help students have fun while also preparing them to be more effective members of their FLL team.  .

The first week of camp is July 9-13 at the First Church of the Nazarene in Belleville, and the second week will be hosted at First Baptist Church O’Fallon on July 30-August 3.  Each week will offer options of morning (9:00-11:45 am) and afternoon (1:00-3:45 pm) sessions, with Robotics 1 for rookies and Robotics 2 for students who have previous experience.  

For more information, please see the Robo Raiders website:




All of these Workshops, Summer Camps, and Scrimmages are 'unofficial events' which are not provided, funded nor managed by FIRST Illinois Robotics.  FIRST Illinois Robotics maintains this list simply as a service to our community and provides no guarantee nor oversite of the event's content and delivery.


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