Illinois FTC Teams

2018 (ROVER RUCKUS) Season - 195 Teams Registered

116Crazy EightsOctagon Robotics/Fiber Tech & 4-H Youth Development OrganizationChicago, ILWebsite
2923KaybotsKankakee High SchoolKankakee, ILWebsite
3216RobophinsYoung Magnet High SchoolChicago, IL
3507Robotheosis&Francis W Parker SchoolChicago, ILWebsite
3640The BoilerBotsKewanee High SchoolKewanee, IL
3758Aztec EaglesSivananthan Laboratories & Juarez Community Academy HsChicago, IL
4965Animatores RomaniLatin School of ChicagoChicago, IL
5037got robot?Klapperich Tool, Inc./Pioneer Service, Inc./Seigle's Cabinet Center/Angularis Technologies, Inc.&Neighborhood GroupElgin, ILWebsite
5072WildcatsWoodlands Academy of the Sacred HeartLake Forest, IL
5187Transistor TitansMarion High SchoolMarion, IL
5199Duct Tape and a PrayerBarrington High SchoolBarrington, ILWebsite
5202Zip TIE FightersCaterpillar/Macon County 4-H&Macon County 4-H&4-H RoboStormsDecatur, ILWebsite
5452Robot to the KneeHighland Park High SchoolHighland Park , IL
5495Iron EaglesLakes Community High SchoolLake Villa, ILWebsite
6007Eighty Nine DegreesMotorola Solutions Foundation/Crystal Lake Robotics&Family/CommunityCrystal Lake, ILWebsite
6198PathfinderBARRINGTON HIGH SCHOOLBarrington, IL
6199Vulcanized RoboticsBARRINGTON HIGH SCHOOLBarrington, IL
6200Bronco BotsBarrington High SchoolBarrington, IL
6206Ohms OlympiansMarion High SchoolMarion, IL
6287VertigoDeerfield High SchoolHighland Park, IL
6596Robotic RamsRobotic Rams & Riverdale Sr High SchoolPort Byron, ILWebsite
6675ChargersIllini West High SchoolCarthage, ILWebsite
6994Machination4-H SPIN ClubMarseilles , IL
7006RoboTitansChicago Math and Science AcademyChicago, ILWebsite
7007Mission ImpossibleHSA McKinley ParkChicago, IL
7030RoboMindsHSA McKinley ParkChicago, IL
7129Robo RaidersRobo Raiders & Home SchoolLebanon, ILWebsite
7317Quest Gators Caterpillar & Quest Charter School AcademyPeoria, IL
7627Breaking BotJefferson High SchoolRockford, IL
7715Robotic LionsRockford Christian SchoolsRockford, IL
7869The Franken BotzzJohn Deere&United Twp High SchoolEast Moline, ILWebsite
8608ShockwaveScience Academy of Chicago & Science Academy of ChicagoMount Prospect, ILWebsite
8620Wormgear WarriorsEdwardsville RoboticsEdwardsville, ILWebsite
8648Manual Academy RamsManual High SchoolPeoria, IL
8698Guilford VikingsCaterpillar&Guilford High SchoolRockford, IL
8706Auburn High School Auburn High SchoolRockford, IL
8708EraboticsRockford East High SchoolRockford, IL
8709Roosevelt High School Roosevelt CenterRockford, IL
8728Bionic WolvesWolcott School&Wolcott High SchoolChicago, ILWebsite
8899EP Robo RaidersCaterpillar, Inc./Family Friends & East Peoria High School & Central Jr High SchoolEast Peoria, ILWebsite
8907Blue Box Bots4H & 4-H Youth Development OrganizationElgin, ILWebsite
9113Need for SpeedLake Forest High SchoolLake Forest, IL
9162Speer RoboPRIDEIllinois Tool Works (ITW) & ITW David Speer Academy: Noble Network of Charter SchoolsChicago, IL
9163Techna GatorsCaperpillar&Quest Charter School AcademyPeoria, IL
9189Optimus PrimatesJohn Deere & Co. & Orion High SchoolOrion, IL
9239WOW (Wise Owl Warriors) Greenlee a Textron company/UTC/Owl's Nest Homeschool coop & Home SchoolRockford, IL
9342The IncredibotsRomeoville High SchoolRomeoville, IL
9365Never Gonna Gear You UpRomeoville High SchoolRomeoville, IL
9410Frank's GarageFrancis W. ParkerChicago, ILWebsite
9411Rolling Thunder&Chasewood LearningAurora, IL
9593Dimly Lit BulbsBelleville High School-Westmillstadt, IL
9635Teen Girl SquadTeen Girl SquadChicago, IL
9698West Aurora RoboticsWest Aurora High SchoolAurora, IL
9775Intrinsic Schools Belmont CampusIntrinsic Schools Belmont CampusChicago, IL
9788Manual Academy RoboRams IIManual High SchoolPeoria, IL
9929TNT (Tech Ninja Team)Family/CommunityFlossmoor, IL
9985Washington RoboticsCaterpillar Inc & Washington Comm High School & Central Intermediate SchWashington, ILWebsite
10091N.Y.A.N. Robotics - Not Your Average Nerds&Carmel Catholic High SchoolMundelein, ILWebsite
10093RoboKaysPiggush Engineering&Kankakee High SchoolKankakee, IL
10101Binary BulletsCaterpillar Inc&4-H Youth Development OrganizationKnoxville, ILWebsite
10138Newton BustersGirl Scouts GCNWI&Family/CommunityWilmette, IL
10146Invader BotsBoys and Girls Club/4-H & Boys & Girls Clubs of AmericaUrbana, IL
10182DRW CheetahsDRW College PrepChicago, IL
10240ShamBot Green ClusterBlue &St Patrick High SchoolChicago, IL
10253Bobcats Robotics VarsityBack of the Yards College Preparatory High SchoolChicago, ILWebsite
10254MCHS RoboLionsMaryville Christian SchoolMaryville, ILWebsite
10266Mach SpeedSchool District 308/Navistar Inc/Caterpillar/TE Connectivity&Oswego High School&Oswego East High SchoolOswego, ILWebsite
10267Gears of FurySchool District 308 & Oswego High SchoolOswego, ILWebsite
10268GearaffesSchool District 308 & Oswego East High SchoolOswego, ILWebsite
10303Robot RebellionRochester High SchoolRochester, IL
10305ReBotTriton College & Ridgewood Comm High SchoolNorridge, IL
10387Red HotOgden Int High SchoolChicago, IL
10415WarbotsDeerfield High SchoolDeerfield, IL
10420Mechanized Kay-OSKankakee High SchoolKankakee, ILWebsite
10421Kay TechKankakee High SchoolKankakee, ILWebsite
10481ShamBot GoldClusterBlue&St Patrick High SchoolChicago, IL
10505MinivationWinnebago Middle SchoolWinnebago, IL
10510I'm BOTmanDeVry University&Devry Advantage Academy High SchlChicago, ILWebsite
10630WarinatorsDeerfield High SchoolDeerfield, IL
10635Unknown ElementNeighborhood GroupBatavia, IL
10836STEMper FiWest Suburban STEM & Family FriendsElmhurst, ILWebsite
11072Fe ArSeNAlNeighborhood GroupSpringfield, IL
11139Knight OwlsFlashcut CNC&Northridge Preparatory SchoolNiles, IL
11163ValkyriesChicago Math & Sci Elem CharterChicago, IL
11177Gear GrindersRiver Bend School DistrictFulton, IL
11235Retro RoboticsFamily/CommunityEast Peoria, IL
11283Mmm...JavaCentral Intermediate SchWashington, IL
11289Rochester RobocatzRochester High SchoolRochester, IL
11373PowerSurge 2.04-H Youth Development OrganizationBloomington, IL
11382D92 VulcanOak Prairie Jr High SchoolHomer Glen, IL
11392DefenestrationFamily/Community & Family/CommunityNaperville, IL
11395Golden Gators (CLS Robotics)Crystal Lake South High SchoolCrystal Lake, IL
11461BOT Spot RobotsBetter Containers&BOT Spot RobotsNiles, ILWebsite
11462Diode DemigodsMarion High SchoolMarion, IL
11463Eisenhower High SchoolEisenhower High SchoolDecatur, IL
11464Technical Terminators Coulterville High SchoolCoulterville, ILWebsite
11496MacArthur High SchoolMacarthur High SchoolDecatur, IL
11647GnomeBotsChicago Waldorf SchoolChicago, IL
11685Talon TechLakes Community High SchoolLake Villa, IL
11752Orphan BotsCentralia High SchoolCentralia, IL
11795Speer PRIDEbot 2000Noble Street Charter High SchoolChicago, IL
11822S.T.E.M. - BulldogsCamelot Excel Academy of SouthwestChicago, ILWebsite
11848Spare Parts RoboticsFamily/CommunityCary, IL
11931SupersonicOswego East High School & Oswego High SchoolOswego, ILWebsite
12037GearShiftFamily/CommunityBatavia, IL
12051Not Not NerdsCarmel Catholic High SchoolMundelein, IL
12083Doodle BotsDe La Salle Institute - Institute CampusChicago, IL
12176LevelUPAgape Werks, IncChicago, IL
12300RainbowPushBotsFamily/CommunityChicago, ILWebsite
12606TeeBeeDeeWheaton AcademyWest Chicago, IL
12644ProtoRoboticsFamily/CommunityMorton, IL
12679Vulcan 2Oak Prairie Jr High SchoolHomer Glen, IL
126813rd VulcanOak Prairie Jr High SchoolHomer Glen, IL
12682The Golden RatioFamily/CommunityCary, ILWebsite
12868IroncladBradley-Bourbonnais C High SchoolBradley, IL
12902Inca EaglebotsJuarez Community Academy HsChicago, IL
12904Olmec EaglebotsJuarez Community Academy HsChicago, IL
12905Aztec EaglebotsJuarez Community Academy HsChicago, IL
12906Mayan EaglebotsJuarez Community Academy HsChicago, IL
12913DA Ex BotsHome School & Home SchoolO Fallon, IL
12918Iron CORE Mark VII4-HClinton, IL
12971Ctrl-Y4-HChampaign, IL
12982Bionic BulldogsRiverside Brookfield Twp HsRiverside, IL
13025Beach Park Middle SchoolBeach Park Middle SchoolZion, IL
13047System OverloadCarl Sandburg Middle SchoolMundelein, IL
13063PowerSurge - Flash4-HBloomington, IL
13155T-Bots Victor J Andrew High SchoolTinley Park, IL
13193Code BlueCary-Grove Community High SchoolCary, IL
13197T.E.S.L.A.S (Tomorrow's Engineers & Scientists Learning About STEM)Caterpillar, Inc/CGN Global/Intellihot, Inc&Family/CommunityDunlap, ILWebsite
13259Achilles WheelHighland Park High SchoolHighland Park, IL
13296Ti-GearsHerscher High SchoolHerscher, ILWebsite
13310Midland Loose ScrewsCaterpillar Inc. &Family/CommunityVarna, IL
13365Gearheads #13365 FTC Team4-H & Wesclin Middle SchoolNew Baden, IL
13413Null Pointer ExceptionsFamily/Community & Family/CommunityEvanston, IL
13434AluminatiCarl Sandburg Middle SchoolMundelein, IL
13526Royal RobotsRockford Christian SchoolsRockford, IL
13530AndrewoidsVictor J Andrew High SchoolTinley Park, IL
13591VoyFamily/CommunityAurora, IL
13594Sherrardians of the GalaxySherrard High SchoolSherrard, IL
13699RoboGrizzliesPayton College Preparatory HsChicago, ILWebsite
13829Solorio RoboticsSolorio Acad High SchoolChicago, IL
13836TF South RoboticsThornton Fractnl So High SchoolLansing, IL
13956Wizards of OzHorizon Science Acad-Mckinley ParkChicago, IL
14161Early Birdsthe Willows AcademyDes Plaines, IL
14167The Savage PenguinsBrimfield Public Library District/The Illinois State Library/Institute of Museum and Library Services/3Dconnexion&Brimfield Public LibraryBrimfield, IL
14198Bobcats Robotics MaroonBack of the Yards Ib HSChicago, ILWebsite
142044-H SCREAM4-HOreana, IL
14256SWOLLBOTSPaxton-Buckley-Loda High SchoolPaxton, IL
14360Fresh SteelUniversity of Chicago Laboratory Schools&Univ of Chicago Lab SchoolChicago, IL
14371MT. ZION HIGH SCHOOLMt Zion High SchoolMt Zion, IL
14401Wildcat RoboticsLake View High SchoolChicago, IL
14422Alcott College Prep Robotics TeamAlcott Humanities High SchoolChicago, IL
14469HOWDaarul UloomPeoria, IL
14475It's Gonna BlowFamily/CommunityHighland Park, IL
14495Monkey EngineersHome SchoolChampaign, IL
14520Saint Teresa BulldogsSaint Teresa High SchoolDecatur, IL
14576St. Ailbe RoboticsSt Ailbe Catholic SchoolChicago, IL
14592HuskiesHorizon Sci Academy - Southwest CharterChicago, IL
14614ElectroFamily/CommunityLake Zurich, IL
14615Turbo Charged HQC Inc&Family/CommunityOswego, ILWebsite
14683Lincoln-Way Central Robotics and Engineering TeamLincoln-Way Central High SchoolNew Lenox, ILWebsite
14723Chesterton RobotsChesterton Academy of the Sacred HeartPeoria, ILWebsite
14753Iron CORE Nanotech4-H FoundationsClinton, IL
14792RevolutionOswego High SchoolOswego, IL
14832Robotic RadiationRock Island High SchoolRock Island, IL
14840DCS MechWarriorsDecatur Christian SchoolForsyth, IL
15005TechnophobiaFamily/CommunityEast Peoria, ILWebsite
15020Wired WarriorsGranite City High SchoolGranite City, IL
15031BoltBusterZPaxton-Buckley-Loda High SchoolPaxton, IL
15042Ctrl-X4-HChampaign, IL
15094JCP Robo-EaglesJones College Prep High SchoolChicago, IL
15095Simple LogicHighland Park High SchoolHighland Park, IL
15118Rare ElementsDeerfield High SchoolDeerfield, IL
15128Helix CrusadersCentralia High SchoolCentralia, IL
15159We ByteUniv of Chicago Lab SchoolChicago, IL
15273The Unknown BunnyzKing Arts&M L King Jr Lab Experimental SchEvanston, IL
15282Bobcats Robotics OrangeBack of the Yards Ib HSChicago, ILWebsite
15285J.E.D.I. (Java, Engineer, Droid, Interface)Governors State University&Family/CommunityUniversity Park, IL
15288MHZPaxton-Buckley-Loda High SchoolPaxton, IL
15309KIPP One Academy Warriors KIPP One Academy Chicago, IL
15321Green Machine (CLS Robotics)Crystal Lake South High SchoolCrystal Lake, IL
15346WarriorsMorgan Park AcademyChicago, IL
15356BEASTBOTZLogan Jr High SchoolPrinceton, IL
15387Plaid ShirtsJohn Deere/Deka Corporation&Moline Sr High SchoolMoline, ILWebsite
15393Bionic WizardsFamily/CommunityCollinsville, IL
15410Welded WarriorsGranite City High SchoolGranite City, IL
15454GPPLD oneGrande Prairie Public Library DistrictHazel Crest, ILWebsite
15596Robo WildcatsSouthwood Middle SchoolCountry Club Hills, IL
15597Robotic WildcatsSimmons Middle SchoolCountry Club Hills, IL
15598Techno WildcatsSouthwood Middle SchoolCountry Club Hills, IL
15659Young DroidsYoung Magnet High SchoolChicago, ILWebsite
15678Collins RoboticsCollins Academy High SchoolChicago, IL
15748Sun Warrior RoboticsSolorio Acad High SchoolChicago, IL
15968WildTECHcatsSpringman Middle SchoolGlenview, IL

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