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Illinois FTC Email Blasts

The Illinois FTC Affiliate Partners send out timely Email Blasts to registered teams in order to communicate important information. Here are the latest email blasts for the 2018-2019 season:

 Email Blast #1: July 11, 2018 

Hi FIRST® Tech Challenge Illinois,

Today, FIRST headquarters is scheduled for another Rover Ruckus launch with the release of Game Manual Part 1! Make it assigned reading for coaches and team members. 
If you know of new FTC teams forming please forward this email with links to rookie headquarter and Illinois team grants.
Take a few minutes to skim this email and file for the future.


FIRST Tech Challenge Registration Open

Illinois FIRST Tech Challenge Registration - Open now - Closes & Payment by  9/30/18

Game Manual Part 1 - July Release

Central Illinois FTC Workshops - use form to register

        Sat., Aug. 11 Peoria, Register by Aug. 3rd

        Sat., Aug. 25 Decatur, Register by Aug. 17th

Season Kickoff Locations - Looks for details next month

        Sat., Sept. 8
        Highland Park High School
        St. Louis - 

      Meet/League Championship Organizers Still Needed - Form

FTC Illinois Public Folder & Spreadsheet with meets-new

FIRST Tech Challenge Grants

        FIRST Inspires - Rookie $500

        FIRST Illinois Robotics- Rookies, Year 2, Year 3

2018-19 Volunteers - Teams need to provide 2 volunteers for events

Tetrix 416mm Channels Order Form-Deeply discounted

Newsletter Contact Email

Changing Team Name

FIRST Illinois Robotics Website - making progress on updates


FIRST HQ Registration



FIRST Tech Challenge Illinois Registration

Open now - closes & payment due by 9/30/18

Illinois Registration Instructions:


NOTE: Illinois now requires Consent Forms to be completed by coaches and team members’ guardians. Guardians can go to registration page, select “Consent Form,” fill out and electronically sign. Make sure guardians know team number.

If you must use paper forms, select “Consent Form” and print from browser. Turn in forms at competition.
Consent Form instructions for coaches:

Consent Form Instructions for Parents/Guardian:


Game Manual Part 1  July Release Scheduled for 7/11

Game Manual Part 1 contains important info about robot building, allowed phones, programming rules and award requirements plus basic info about competition formats. There is also an 18-19 game hint. 


Central Illinois FTC Workshops

        Sat., Aug. 11 Peoria, 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

        Sat., Aug. 25 Decatur, 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Google Form Sign up

Workshop Schedule & Topics


FIRST Tech Challenge Grants

FIRST Inspires

Rookies Funding up to $500 is now available for new FIRST® Tech Challenge teams.



2018-19 Rover Ruckus Illinois FTC Rookie Match Application-- Team #> 14088 RR

The live form   or

2018-19 Rover Ruckus Illinois FTC 2nd and 3rd Grant Application Match Application  or


Meet/Qualifier Organizers Still Needed - Use Interest Form


Illinois FTC Public Folder & Spreadsheet


Contains Spreadsheet with links & Meets/League Championships - periodically updated


2018-19 Volunteers - Teams need to provide 2 volunteers for all competitions

FIRST® Tech Challenge events are amazing, inspiring experiences where high school students share ideas, solve problems on the fly, compete like crazy, and get pumped up over technology (see  Most roles require no advance training or technical knowledge .  


Inexpensive Tetrix   416mm Channels

FIRST Illinois made a special purchase of the 18 inch Tetrix bars (or 416mm)"  which if bought with the FTC team discount cost you $13.50. We are offering them at $5 each plus shipping.  

To order see


Sign up for FIRST Tech Challenge FIRST Inspires Team Blasts

Primary and secondary coaches will receive the official HQ newsletter. Parent/guardians, team members, and others can sign up for FTC HQ Newsletter:


FTC IL Team Blasts

Most of our team communications are done through email, so don't miss important emails from state and league organizers be sure we have the correct email addresses and read your email.
Only primary and secondary coaches registered on FIRST Inspires will receive FTC IL Team Blasts.

If the correct people are not registered on FIRST Inspires, your team may miss out on import state communications.  Be sure the correct people are listed and send contact updates to

To unsubscribe from Illinois blasts,  see unsubscribe at bottom of email above the MailChimp logo


Changing Team Name

Team names are downloaded from FIRST Inspires and FIRST Tech Challenge Illinois Registration sites.

Make sure name is changed in both locations and send an email to subject line: Team name change, Team Number, New Name


FIRST Illinois Robotics Website - making progress on updates

A big thanks to our volunteer webmasters.


FIRST® Tech Challenge in Illinois: 
FIRST® Illinois Robotics is the non-profit that oversees all four FIRST® programs in Illinois. FIRST® Illinois Robotics's FIRST® Tech Challenge organizing committee is comprised of two FTC Co-partners, an operations manager,  and a committee who all volunteer along with numerous volunteers statewide to deliver FIRST® Tech Challenge in the state of Illinois. If you are interested in knowing more or volunteering please email

FIRST® Tech Challenge in Illinois:  
Illinois Registration:
Follow FIRST Tech Challenge in Illinois on social media: 
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Twitter: @FTCillinois

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