FTC Team Registration


Overview of Registration

The following steps outline the registration process for the 2018-19 FTC season. Briefly:

  1. Complete national FIRST Registration, $275 or apply for FIRST® registration grant
  2. Complete llinois FTC Registration & Pay $175 for registration in one league by September 30, 2018
  3. League assignments will be sent out once they are available


Registration Details

  1. FIRST® Registration
    1. Go to FIRSTInspires.org
    2. Select "Sign up" or "Login"
  2. FTC Illinois Team Registration
    • Team info
    • Coach info Select “add” to invite additional mentors
    • Questionnaire
    1. Go to FTC Illiniois registration site
    2. Select "Sign up" or "Login"
    3. Click on tabs and complete:
    4. Click on tab League Play
    5. Pay Fee Select “Payment,” Use PayPal or print an invoice


Illinois FTC bad weather policy - in the event of a snow or other weather driven cancellation

  1. The host team will investigate the possibility of rescheduling the event.
    Unfortunately we expect it will be difficult to do this given the logistics, but we will check into this (it could take a few days to determine)
  2. Who advances in event of a cancellation:
    1. The same number of teams will advance to the state championship as planned
    2. The state planning committee will randomly pick the teams to advance from the list of registered teams.
      example: If event is planned to advance 5 teams -  then 5 teams that have not already qualified for state will be randomly chosen from the participation list.