FTC Team Registration


Overview of Registration

The following steps outline the registration process for the 2019-20 FTC season. Briefly:

  1. Complete national FIRST Registration, $275 or apply for FIRST® registration grant
  2. Complete Illinois FTC Registration & Pay $200 for registration in one league by September 30, 2019
  3. Teams will be notified of registration results by October 5, 2019
    Note: The only Chicagoland FTC leagues that remain open for the 2018-19 Season are Chicago North and Northeast Suburbs. Any newly registered teams will have to travel to the North side of the city for monthly meets.

Registration Details

Start by registering the team on FIRST®

  1. Go to FIRSTInspires.org
  2. Select "Sign up" or "Login"
  3. Follow FIRST® team registration instructions: 
    1. Rookie Team Registration Instructions
    2. Veteran Team Registration Instructions

 Next, Register our Illinois FTC team on the FIRST® Illinois Robotics Registrationonly Illinois instate teams

  1. Go to FTC Illinois registration site
  2. Select "Sign up" or "Login"
  3. Register team and select a team under "My Team"
  4. Click through tabs to complete the registration
    1. Coach info - Select "add" to invite additional mentors
    2. Questionnaire
    3. Financials - Skip for now
    4. Consent Form - Illinois form, required for all team coaches & team members
    5. League Registration & Fee
    6. Pay fee - Select "Payment" above Financials tab
      1. Use PayPal or print an invoice
    7. Coaches and team member guardians complete Illinois Consent forms
      1. Consent Form instructions for Coaches
      2. Consent Form instructions for Parents, Guardians, and Volunteers