Overview of Registration

The following steps summarize the registration process for the 2022-23 FTC season.:

  1. Complete national FIRST Registration, $295, or apply for a FIRST® registration grant

  2. Pay FIRST Illinois Robotics $225 for registration in one league by September 30, 2022
    (on 10/1, registration increases to $250)

  3. Teams will be notified of registration results by October 15, 2022

National Registration Details:

Start by registering the team on FIRST®

  1. Go to FIRSTInspires.org

  2. Select "Sign up" or "Login"

  3. Follow FIRST® team registration instructions: 

Pay FIRST Illinois Robotics for Regular Season Play:

All teams need to pay $225 ($250 after 10/1) for regular season play in Illinois.   There are several options:

To pay online via Paypal/Credit Card

Registration option
Team number(s)

Note: to pay for multiple teams, change the quantity on the next payment screen

To pay by check or PO

FIRST Illinois Robotics
PO Box 82
Prospect Heights, IL  60070-0082

Include your team number(s) with the check.

Use this blank invoice if one is required.

To check your team's registration status, see the registration status page .