FLL Registration Overview

Registration Checklist:

 Action Item Link  Opens Closes
Submit National Registration* CLICK HERE Now Open  Sept. 15-30, 2018
Submit State Registration * CLICK HERE  Now Open  Oct. 15, 2018
Join the Illinois FLL Announcement List  CLICK HERE  N/A N/A
Join the Illinois FLL YAHOO! Group  CLICK HERE  N/A N/A

* National & Illinois State Registrations are NOW OPEN for the

2018-2019 Into Orbit season

There are two registrations a team needs to complete with every FLL season:  National FIRST LEGO League Registration and FIRST LEGO League Illinois Tournament Registration. 

  1. National FIRST LEGO League Registration usually opens in early May and ends in late September. To register a team and get started, go to the official FLL registration website by clicking HERE.  Just follow the steps outlined on the website.
  2. FIRST LEGO League Illinois Qualifying Tournament Registration opens in mid-July and ends mid-October.  Click HERE for complete registration instructions.

Please consider the following before beginning the Illinois registration process:

  1. Every team must first be registered nationally, as the team number received from the national site is needed for the Illinois registration process.  
  2. For NEW Teams:
    1. You must register in Illinois using the sign-up process indicated on the web page
    2. After completing the sign-up form, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to set up your password. 
    3. You will use this password to register all your FLL teams. Make a note of the email address and password as it will be how you can adjust the team registration later.
    4. If you are registering more than one team, you DO NOT have to create a unique user name and password for each team.
  3. Rookie teams need to identify themselves when they register. To qualify as a Rookie Team, teams must meet the following criteria:
    1. All team members must be new to the FLL program this season. If even one team member was on a team in a prior year, that team will NOT be considered a rookie team.
    2. All coaches and assistant coaches must be new to the FLL program this season. This does not mean that coaches cannot seek advice from other coaches, but that the coaches for the team must be new to the program.
  4. Qualified rookie teams will be considered for the "Rookie Team Award" presented at Illinois Qualifying and Championship Tournaments.  
  5. For RETURNING Teams:
    1. You will log into the registration system using the same user email and password from the previous FLL season. 
    2. You must register your team in Illinois for each new season.
    3. You will be asked to fill in the team name and team number. Your team number will be the same as last season as FLL teams retain their team numbers from year to year. 
    4. Remember to make any necessary changes to the names of your team members and/coaches.
  6. Each team must have two screened coaches.
    1. If any of your coaches are new, you must first add them to the team when you register. 
    2. Then the new coach must later ‘sign up’ on the registration site to receive a system-generated email that will provide him/her with the opportunity to create a password.
    3. Once the password is created, the new coach will be affiliated with the team.
  7. You must select your top three (3) preferences for the Illinois Qualifying Tournaments your team would like to attend.
    1. Teams will be assigned to qualifying tournaments on a first-come-first-served basis, but every effort will be made to assign teams to one of their three choices.   
    2. The Illinois Qualifying Tournaments are held in November and December at various locations throughout the state. Details of the qualifying tournaments can be found by clicking HERE.  
    3. Dates and locations for additional tournaments will be posted as they become available, so please check the website regularly for any new tournaments, as you can change your preferences until registration is closed.
  8. A team's registration will only be complete when the registration fee of $150 is received.
    1. You may pay with a credit card using PayPal
    2. Or you may send a check made payable to FIRST Illinois Robotics, PO Box 82, Prospect Heights, Illinois 60070.
      • A copy of the invoice along with the team number must be included with the check.
      • The invoice can be printed on the payments page by selecting the ‘pay by invoice’ option. 
  9. You may go back into the system later if you would like to change your Qualifying Tournament preferences, or if you have additional information regarding your team, by accessing the team edit page on the Coach Dashboard.