FIRST LEGO League Challenge Registration Overview

Registration Checklist:

 Action Item Cost Link  Opens Closes
Submit National Registration* $250/team and $95 for Challenge Set (Game Mission Models and Mat) CLICK HERE May 19  October 15
Submit Qualifying Tournament Registration * $175/team CLICK HERE Mid-JULY

 Oct. 15

Submit State Championship Registration $125/team   Dec. 1 Dec. 30th
Verify all coaches subscribe to Mail Chimp  Free CLICK HERE  N/A N/A

Registration Process

There are two registrations a team needs to complete every season:  National Registration and Illinois Registration. 

2022-23 SUPERPOWEREDSM Season National Registration opens May 19, 2022. 

  1. National Registration opens May 19th and ends October 15th. To register a team and get started, go to the FIRST National website by clicking HERE.  Pleaes follow the steps outlined on the website. Coaches must register themselves as individuals before they can register their team. 
  2. Illinois Qualifying Tournament Registration opens July 15th and ends October 15th, 2021.  The qualifying tournament fee is $175/team.  Click HERE for complete registration instructions. You must have your permanent National team registration number (it's 5 digits) in order to register in Illinois. 
  3. Illinois State Championship Registration:  If your team advances to a State Championship, a State Championship Fee of $125 per team will be assessed. 

Please consider the following before beginning the Illinois registration process:




Registration Starts

Registration Ends



Register Nationally with FIRST

Go to

Set up your team account.

May 19th

October 15, 2021

$250 +S/H Registration &

$95 +S/H for Field Kit

2 coaches need to be screened through FIRST before your National registration is complete

Register for FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Illinois Qualifying


July 15th


October 15, 2021



Payable via PayPal or Check

You need your 5 digit national team number to register in Illinois.  If you competed last season, you will use that number.

Complete National  Consent Forms for all team members

National Form-


When Registration Opens

Complete forms for each member before your qualifying tournament


See our website for details

Subscribe to FIRST® LEGO® League Illinois Coaches List**

FIRST Illinois shares important season related information, deadlines and any changes or updates.


Any time


Register all coaches for each team and anyone else who would like the information.

Like our Facebook page and group:

Page: FLL Illinois/FIRST Illinois Robotics

Group: FIRST LEGO League Illinois / FIRST Illinois Robotics Group





State Championship

Registration Fees

Complete when teams register for their State Championship Event

Advancing Teams register after Qualifier is completed



Assessed ONLY for Teams Advancing


Screened Coaches Must Be Added to the Illinois Registration System:

Each team must have 2 FIRST screened coaches.
* Screening is done through each individual’s account at  If you need assistance with this step, please contact FIRST directly at
(603) 666-3906 or (800) 871-8326
Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5:00 EST/EDT

* Once their FIRST screening is complete, please be sure to add your screened coaches to your Illinois team registration at > Coach Info tab > blue hyperlinked ADD button on the far right of the grey table banner

* The new coach must then ‘sign up’ on the Illinois registration system site to receive a system-generated email that will provide him/her with the opportunity to create a password.

* Once the password is created, the new coach will be affiliated with the team and able to see the team information online. 


Consent Forms:

FIRST Illinois Robotics is requiring each team to complete Consent Forms for each student, coach and volunteer attending (NO EXCEPTIONS – Participation is contingent on submitted consent before the opening ceremonies).

Coaches and team members have one form to complete per individual. 

    FIRST National Website - Go to this link for details:

Do we still have to collect 2 consents for each participant, including coaches?
No, only the National consent form at is required this season. 

Brand New Teams:

You must register in Illinois using the sign-up process indicated on the registration page at this link

After completing registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to set up your password.

You will use this password to register all your FIRST® LEGO® League teams in Illinois. Make a note of the email address and password as it will be how you can adjust the team registration later.

If you are registering more than one team, you DO NOT have to create a unique username and password for each team.


Rookie Teams:

If your team qualifies as a Rookie Team, please identify the team as such when you register. Since under the FIRST® LEGO® League participation rules, all work should be done by the youth team members, Rookie Team status is based on the prior experience of the youth team members, and does not consider the past experience of coaches and/or mentors.  Teams registered as Rookie Teams will be recognized at their qualifier and will automatically be considered for the “Rising All-Star Award” presented at Illinois Qualifying and Championship Tournaments, though this award may also be given to non-Rookie teams.

To qualify as a Rookie Team, teams must meet the following criteria:

o   All youth team members must NOT have participated at a competition as part of a FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge team for the past two years.


Returning Teams:


Illinois Qualifying Tournament Registration Fee:

You must choose your event selections in order to see/activate the payment module on your financials tab. Please only select events that your team can attend. If you have a special need, please write a note in the comments field. We read all the notes!

A team’s registration is only complete when the Illinois registration fee of $175 is received and your team has completed the other necessary requirements listed above.

FIRST Illinois Robotics

PO Box 82

Prospect Heights, Illinois  60070


State Championship Fee:

If your team advances to a State Championship, a State Championship Fee of $125 per team will be assessed. Fees will be collected through the Illinois Registration System. Please be aware, once a team knows they are advancing there will be a short window to complete the payment.

Throughout the season, check your FIRST® LEGO® League Illinois Coaches List e-mails and our website at this link for updates.

If you have questions, please contact us at


*   FIRST Illinois Robotics is a non-profit 501(c)(3) responsible for the FIRST programs in Illinois.  We do many things including recruiting, providing support for new teams, organizing the tournaments in Illinois and seeking input so that we can improve the program each year.  We encourage you to visit our website at or search for FIRST Illinois Robotics on Facebook.  We have a wealth of information there including materials you can use for recruiting, organizing a team, training and other helpful links.