Robotics Information Nights, Summer Camps, Workshops, and Scrimmages


Robotics Information Nights:

We plan to host online informational robotics sessions regularly this Summer. These will be geared towards community members, new coaches and parents interested in finding out more about FIRST LEGO League Challenge. 

Stay tuned as dates are announced.


Summer Camps:

Typically, summer camps provide two or more days of training for students in all aspects of the FIRST LEGO League Challenge program including robot building, programming and strategy.  They often will also provide help with project concepts, research and idea sharing methods.  Like workshops, most Summer Camps are put on by FRC teams.



Workshops can be from a few hours to a full day of concentrated training and the sharing of ideas between coaches and teams.  These are often hosted by FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) teams as part of their outreach activities.



A scrimmage is like a mini-tournament that provides team with valuable experience in head-to-head competition with other teams, without the pressure of an actual tournament.  Most scrimmages are hosted by a FIRST robotics team that wants to provide an opportunity for other teams to get together and share ideas, and a chance to practice their skills.  These events are typically held in October - November during the season leading up to the official competitions in December.


Where are there Scrimmages this season:


Elgin Scrimmage

Please Note: Teams must be located within 30 miles of the event to participate.

November 19th, 2022  Sign Up Link 



Southern Illinois

November 4th, 2022 - Event Details



Other areas hosting scrimmages:

Chicago, Decatur, Peoria, and more. Some organizers will be reaching directly out to teams regarding Scrimmage invitations in their area. 


Information for FTC/FRC Teams wishing to run a Scrimmage

High School robotics students looking for outreach projects and wanting to host a scrimmage, check out this link for more information


All of these Workshops, Summer Camps, and Scrimmages are 'unofficial events' which are not provided, funded nor managed by FIRST Illinois Robotics.  FIRST Illinois Robotics maintains this list simply as a service to our community and provides no guarantee nor oversite of the event's content and delivery.