Qualifying Tournaments

Illinois Team Registration Will Open Mid-July - October 15th, 2022

Please remember that in order to register in Illinois, you must first register Nationally. National team registration is found at www.firstinspires.org .

To register in Illinois, please go to our website www.firstillinoisrobotics.org and click >COACH LOGIN at the top of the page. NOTE: You must enter your permanent National team number (5 digits) when you register in Illinois.

Or you can click here to go straight to Illinois Registration.



Schedule of Qualifying Tournaments in Illinois

Tournament Name Date Coordinator(s)
Champaign/Urbanan 12/3/2022 Dave Tewskbury, Bob Smith
Chicago McKinley 12/3/2022 Sravan Suryadevara
Naperville North 12/3/2022 Feng Tian, Georff Schmit
Oswego 12/3/2022 Holly Twardowski
Peoria 1 12/3/2022 Asit Patel
Quad Cities: East Moline 12/3/2022 Pat Barnes, Nama Ganesh
Southern Illinois 12/3/2022 Mike Harvey, Mary Buchanan
Batavia 12/10/2022 Denise Karabowicz, Ron Karabowicz
Buffalo Grove 12/10/2022 Tony Cho, Bret Anno
Chicago Lindblom HS 12/10/2022 Jesus Duran
Chicago Michl Clark HS 12/10/2022 Aleexis Brown
Peoria Liberety 12/10/2022 Asit Patel, Prasad Parupalli
Rockford 12/10/2022 Mike Manke
University of Chicago Lab School 12/11/2022 Jeremy Schwartz
Chicago Truman College 12/17/2022 Lorenzo Craig
Decatur 12/17/2022 Jeeffrey Suckow, Jennifere Suckow
Mount Prospect 12/17/2022 Jamie Beedy, David Roe
Illinois Remote Event 12/18/2022 Jay Kinzie, Sarah Jones, Jenny Levey