FTC Rookie Grants 2017-2018

$1500 in Matching Funds


  • Receipts should total a minimum of $750 to max of $1500+
  • Send receipts as 1 PDF file to sandylaker87@gmail.com
  • Label PDF - Team #, Total $, Date
  • Receipts are due on 10/11 and 12/1 2017
  • Grant checks should be mailed 7-10 days later.
  • Teams will complete an end of the season survey

Step 1

Team applies for FIRST® Inspires Registration Grant (if approved, it covers $275 registration +475 for product)


Team proceeds to register & purchase required equipment. Go to Step 3.

Step 2

After grant notification, team registers with FIRST® Inspires & purchases FTC robot equipment and electronics & communication sets and if desired, field elements

Step 3

Apply for Rookie match: https://goo.gl/forms/7s4RbH7mi2WqWvhs1

Step 4

Team registers on Illinois FTC and signs up for leagues/meets

Team Attends Meets- Events

Step 5

Team emails FIRST® Illinois Robotics scanned receipts* Competition parts, phones, robot kit, new control & communication set*
only materials that will last multiple seasons may be included for the match
Do not include=Field elements, registration fees, travel costs, t-shirts
(NOTE: Cut offs Receipt Totals - $750, $1000, $1500)
Due 10/11, 12/1 2016

Step 6

Team needs to develop an aggressive fundraising plan for future years. The goal of these grants is to create the beginning of a stable long-term fundraising program.

Send the pdf of your receipts to: sandylaker87@gmail.com

Note: Organizations with multiple teams
Organizations that received rookie grants in 17-18, will not be able to receive new rookie grants next year if they don't maintain their previous season rookie team levels. This only applies to organizations that have multiple rookie teams.

  • 17-18 Club starts 3 teams=3 rookie grants
  • 18-19 Club starts 1 new team but only has a total of 3 teams, not 4 =no new rookie grant, all 3 are now 2nd year

Questions contact: FTC-contact@FIRSTIllinoisRobotics.org
Subject Line: Team number/Illinois Grants Question


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