Northern Illinois League Qualifier

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Saturday February 11, 2017


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McHenry County College
8900 US Highway 14
Crystal Lake, IL

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The Northern Illinois League Qualifier will be at McHenry County College. Enter the campus at Entrance 1 by the ball fields. Park in lot B or D. Enter the building at the center entrance behind the flag poles.

MCC Parking


  • We are offering pre-orders of 16" cheese pizzas for $16, or sausage or pepperoni pizzas for $17 each.
  • We are also offering pre-orders of pop or water for $1 each.
  • Pre-orders are due at the pit admin/check-in table by 9:30 am.
  • Pizzas will be available at 12:00 in the eating area next to the pit.
  • Pizza is available by pre-order only. Pizza Order Form

    There will be a concession stand open from approximately 7:30 am to 4 pm. Items for sale include: coffee, donuts, pop, water chips, candy, and fruit.



7:00 am Volunteers Arrive
7:30 am Teams Arrive
Pits and Team Registration Opens
8:00 am

Registration Closes,
Hardware and Software Inspection and Judging Begins

10:00 am Judging and Inspections End
Drivers/Coaches Meeting
10:15 am Opening Ceremonies
10:45 am Qualification Matches Begin
12:00 pm Lunch Break
12:30 pm Qualification Matches Resume
2:00 pm Coach/Mentors meeting
3:45 pm Alliance Selection
4:15 pm Start Elimination Matches
5:30 pm Awards and Closing Ceremonies
6:00 pm Event Complete

Note: All times are subject to change. We will work hard to maintain this agenda but occasionally things happen outside our control. Please pay attention to announcements in case changes are necessary.


In order to reduce the possibility of interference with the Robot Control System, we will be asking everyone to limit their access to all Wifi networks in the venue on the day of the event.

Tournament Results:

Competition Results:

Winning Alliance
Captain: 10252 Lightning Strike Chicago, IL
1st Selected: 5452 Robot to the Knee Highland Park, IL
2nd Selected: 8817 Fruit Salad Crystal Lake, IL
Finalist Alliance
Captain: 10091 N.Y.A.N. Robotics Mundelein, IL
1st Selected: 7351 Dynamic Signals Gurnee, IL
2nd Selected: 10138 Newton Busters FTC Wilmette, IL

Judged Awards:

Outstanding Rookie Award
Here is what the judges had to say:
A Rookie Team is typically thought to be a team that is in the process of developing into a cohesive group, with great potential. This year's rookie group, although new, has shown a surprising amount of creativity and scored high in many categories, proving that the PARTS make up the whole. This years Rookie winner made sure that everyone was PART of the team, and SPARED nothing.
Winner: 11848, Spare Parts Robotics, Cary, IL
Highest Ranked Rookie Award
Winner: 11848, Spare Parts Robotics, Cary, IL
Control Award
The Control Award is given to the Team that demonstrates innovative thinking in the control system to solve Game challenges such as Autonomous Operation, enhancing mechanical systems with intelligent control, or using sensors to achieve better results on the Field. Here is what the judges had to say:
Many ways were used to BUST the control problem. In particular, the ability to SHIMMY up to the beacon allowed this team to make the score. Following the example of SIR ISSAC NEWTON, the control award goes to...
Winner: 10138, Newton Busters FTC, Wilmette, IL
Motivate Award
Next we have the Motivate Award. This Judged Award celebrates the Team that exemplifies the essence of the FIRST Tech Challenge competition and embraces the culture of FIRST while making a collective effort to make FIRST known throughout their school, and community and sparks others to embrace the culture of FIRST. Here is what the judges had to say:
All the teams being considered for this award showed tremendous cooperation within their teams. These teams had excellent outreach and interest from schools and community. Our winner has FAITH in their exemplary training and succession plan, which are bound tightly together into their mission.
Winner: 5199, Duct Tape and A Prayer, Barrington, IL
PTC Design Award
The intent of the PTC Design Award is to expand on the challenge,inspiring Teams to incorporate industrial design into their robots. These elements can be shown in the simplicity of the design as it applies to the tasks, the look and feel of the robot, and how the design allows us to think of robots in new ways. The Design aspect must serve a function - but they should also differentiate the robot in a unique fashion. Here is what the judges had to say:
Their MONSTER of a robot took many hours to design in CREO. With a full design that they could iterate with throughout the competition season. A COOL example with a great use of PTC TOOLS...
Winner: 7351, Dynamic Signals, Gurnee, IL
Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
The Rockwell Collins Innovate Award celebrates a Team that has the ingenuity and inventiveness to make their designs come to life. This Award is given to the Team that the Judges feel has the most Innovative and Creative Robot design solution to the FIRST TechChallenge. Elements of this Award include elegant design, robustness and 'out of the box' thinking with regard to design. This Award may address the design of the whole robot or some sub-assembly component of the robot. The creative component needs to work consistently, but a robot does not have to work all of the time during Matches to be considered for this Award. The Team's Engineering Notebook showed the design of the component(s) and the Team's robot, and clearly explains how the Team arrived at. Here is what the judges had to say:
This team built a solid robot that moves precisely using OMNI wheels. This robot has a mechanism that realy GRABS your attention. Being able to reach great heights allowed them to CLAW their way to the top and to CAP off the competition.
Winner: 10091, N.Y.A.N. Robotics, Mundelein, IL
Connect Award
The Connect Award is presented to the Team that the Judges' feel most connected with their local community, FIRST and the business world. The best Team is more than the sum of its parts, and recognizes that their schools and communities play an essential part to their success. The recipient of this Award is recognized for helping the community understand FIRST, the FIRST Tech Challenge, and the Team itself. In addition, the Team that wins this Award is aggressively seeking engineers and exploring the opportunities available in the world of engineering, science and technology. Here is what the judges had to say:
This team after being TOSSED aside was well considered for this award. With some MIXED SIGNALS, they had a rocky start. Using FTC Gracious Professionalism, they scrapped up enough scrap parts to build their robot and their team.
Winner: 11848, Spare Parts Robotics, Cary, IL
Think Award
This judged award is given to the Team that best reflects the journey the Team took as they experienced the engineering design process during the build season. The Engineering Notebook is the key reference for judges to help identify the most deserving Team. This Team's Engineering Notebook focused on the design and build stages of the Team's robot. Here is what the judges had to say:
This team soared high over many very god teams in keeping their notebook. They recognized the need of thorough and complete note keeping. Competing with them is no walk in the park.
Winner: 5452, Robot to the Knee, Highland Park, IL
Dean's List Semi-Finalist Award
FIRST Dean's List Finalists are outstanding student leaders whose passion for and effectiveness at attaining FIRST ideals is exemplary. These students were nominated by their teams for their direct contributions and impact on others -exemplifying leadership and commitment, on their FIRST Tech Challenge team, in their school, and in their community. FIRST Dean's List Semi-Finalists, recognized here today, will be considered within their state/region for the two spots as Dean's List Finalists.
Winners: Samantha Fountain (10138) Yaroslava Goldina (10138) Brendan Chay (6287) Benjamin Cohen (6287) Caroline Rausch (8817) Audrey Godsell (8817) Jacqueline Hirsh (5452)
Inspire Award
The Inspire Award is the highest award given by FTC. The winner of the Inspire Award is automatically eligible for advancement to the next tournament level. The Inspire Award winner is the 'prototype' for what we'd like to see all teams achieve as part of the FIRST Tech Challenge. They do many of the things mentioned in the other awards. The difference is that they've tied these together in a comprehensive manner resulting in success in the competition, outreach to the community, robot design, team spirit, and engineering accomplishment. That's a tall order but we've got some great candidates for this award today. Here is what the judges had to say:

The talent and commitment of the teams were evident throughout the day. As a result, it is difficult to determine one that is the top all around team to recognize. However, this team in particular proved to gain high praise within nearly all the categories judged and was unanimously selected to win the 2016-2017 Velocity Vortex, First Tech Challenge. This year's winner was even recognized by the children's show, the Wiggles, as being yummy yummy.

Winner: 8817, Fruit Salad, Crystal Lake, IL  
2nd Runner Up: 11848, Spare Parts Robotics, Cary, IL 3rd Runner Up: 7351, Dynamic Signals, Gurnee, IL

Advancement Criteria to the 2016-2017 Illinois FTC Championship Tournament

Rank Team # Team Name Award Qualify for IL FTC Championship Tournament
1 8817 Fruit Salad Inspire Award Winner yes
2 10252 Lightning Strike Winning Alliance Captain yes
3 11848 Spare Parts Robotics Inspire Award 2nd place yes
4 5452 Robot to the Knee Winning Alliance, 1st team selected yes
5 7351 Dynamic Signals Inspire Award 3rd place yes
6 8817 Fruit Salad Winning Alliance, 2nd team selected Advancing Above
7 5452 Robot to the Knee Think Award Winner Advancing Above
8 10091 N.Y.A.N. Robotics Finalist Alliance Captain yes
9 11848 Spare Parts Robotics Connect Award Winner Advancing Above
10 7351 Dynamic Signals Finalist Alliance, 1st team selected Advancing Above
11 10091 N.Y.A.N. Robotics Rockwell Collins Innovate Award Winner Advancing Above
12 10138 Newton Busters FTC Finalist Alliance, 2nd team selected yes
13 7351 Dynamic Signals PTC Design Award Winner Advancing Above
14 5199 Duct Tape and A Prayer Motivate Award Winner yes
Check here to review the advancement criteria for Velocity Vortex. A minimum of three (3) teams shall advance from each Qualifier to the State Championship. The number of teams advancing from each Qualifier to the State Championship is based on the number of teams competing at each event. Qualifiers with a greater number of teams will advance more teams. Until the actual number of teams at each event is verified, allocation of extra slots will not be determined.
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