Event Cancellation Policy

In the event of a snow or other weather driven cancellation:

(Note we have not cancelled an event in 9 years)

  1. The host will investigate the possibility of rescheduling the event.
    • Unfortunately, we expect it will be difficult to do this given the logistics, but we will check into this. It could take a few days to determine.
  2. If the event cannot be rescheduled:
    • For League Qualifiers, the same number of teams will advance to the state championship as planned. Two thirds of these teams will be selected according to their current ranking in the League. ¬†The final third of the teams advancing will be randomly selected from the remaining list of registered teams in the League.

If there are 6 advancement slots from a 24 team league championship

  1. The top four ranked teams in the league advance automatically
    • Ranked by the best 10 of 15 matches, equivalent to the rankings they would have started the event with if the event had not been canceled
    • Teams are ranked first by Qualifying Points - QP, then Ranking Points - RP, then highest scoring match
  2. The remaining two spots are randomly awarded
    • 20 teams are placed into this pool.

If there are 9 advancement slots from a 36 team league championship

  1. The top 6 teams in the league rankings advance automatically
  2. The remaining three spots are randomly awarded
    • 30 teams are placed into this pool.
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